New Elcomsoft Phone Breaker decrypts BlackBerry Password Keeper for BB 10 (instantly!) and recovers 1Password master password

We’ve discovered a way to decrypt the content of BlackBerry Password Keeper for BlackBerry 10 containers instantly without attacking the master password. As a result, users of Elcomsoft Phone Breaker will be able to access passwords and other sensitive information stored in BlackBerry Password Keeper containers without having to wait. In addition, Elcomsoft Phone Breaker can now recover master password to 1Password containers, revealing all of the user’s stored passwords and other valuable information. Finally, Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 4.10 integrates commands for extracting iCloud authentication tokens into the user interface instead of relying on command-line tools.

Other news include significantly improved password recovery speed when using NVIDIA boards due to low-level code optimizations and scalable UI with support for Retina displays.

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BlackBerry Password Keeper Escrow Key: Have We Just Found a Hidden Backdoor?