Elcomsoft conduct Password Usage Behavior Survey

ElcomSoft is undertaking a survey to collect more info on how people handle their passwords, which remain a major way for user authentication. Everybody is welcome to pass our quick test and get 10% discount to all our programs.

The questionnaire is quick and convenient, with prepared answers for busy bees and additional spaces for wordy users with lots of thoughts and experience. The survey is set to run for several weeks and after it is completed and results calculated, we will release a full report with facts and figures. We strongly believe the results’ analysis will help us find out which questions should be deeper highlighted in our articles, whitepapers, as well as in our blog.

This is the first our empirical research and we hope you will find it interesting and enjoyable. You definitely have your own opinion on passwords, and as you understand this survey is a perfect way for you to share that opinion. So what do you think? Be frank and open, take the questionnaire, and help us let others know about it.